The Site

Hapus Yurt

The Site

Dotted around the site you will find several elevated and secluded seating areas with spectacular views across the valley. The surrounding hills and fields are full of wildlife including pheasants, hares, owls and red kites, beautiful trees including some rare Elm, and lots of wild flowers.

 The yurts are set near to the main cottage so if there are any problems you may call on your hosts, but as the yurts are fully equipped with their own bathroom and kitchen areas, you will have your own space and privacy.

We like to think of Hapus Yurt as a community so please enjoy the space during your stay and explore the grounds. As there is almost no light pollution here making it a perfect spot for spectacular star gazing on clear nights.

The garden and adjoining fields are all open for guests to enjoy. Feel free to wander in them, play guitar, sing, dance or do yoga if you are so inclined.  

There is a fire pit and bbq area that you are welcome to use, so why not light a fire and relax.

Most importantly, we hope that you feel Hapus!